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There can never be enough fanart
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Most of this art is Amy's xD



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Tenzin ~ Amy
Okay, I have many reasons for drawing this.

A. I'm trying to study shadows a little more so I've decided to work on some cell shading. Ooooh my gosh do I love it! Expect more cell shading in the future.

B. I also tried working on a grayscale which I feel would help my drawings look more organic
C. Tenzin doesn't get enough love, he's such an awesome character! I was just sketching around and knew he would be perfect to draw.legend of korra gif tenzin

D. Rewatching Legend of Korra Shrugs 

Navi   animated Hey! Listen! Leave a comment if you want me to draw Amon!
Not Alone ~ Amy
To all the people who have lost someone special in their life.
You are not alone.
Draw It Again Challenge! (See Description) ~ Amy
Come one, come all and witness the amazing  PROGRESS 

Original Drawn in Early 2016
Only a year! It's amazing how much progress you can make. Even if you're just drawing stick figures now, if you stick with it and keep practicing (drawing something everyday, doesn't matter what it is, if you can) you can be amazing :D

I tag whoever wants to do this challenge!

Comment if you want me to redraw your favorite old painting of mine!

I redrew our art trade guuuurl.

Original Characters:……
So for a second I thought someone redrew my latest "Fight Like a Girl" drawing
right here:  Fight Like A Girl (Redraw) by CuriouslyXinlove
But in the description it says that the same(ish) painting was done 11 years ago. I'm so unoriginal XD!
Mega Gardevoir
Hello everyone! sorry i couldn't get a description before, i was uploading this at a art presentation me and Amy where doing for our 4-H group, and being the extreme introvert irl that i am i could barely explain what i was doing without stuttering every other word xD
over all i think my part went horribly awful and deserves to die in a hole.
AMY THO, AMY WAS FRIGGEN AWESOME and you sounded so sure of yourself Ames ;-; unlike me, lol.
so anyway, i had to show them afterwards how to post stuff here, so i did, and this is what i posted with no description xD
so, lets just say, don't make me speak in front of any size of a group of people i don't interact with too often, and don't make me try and explain art in a half an hour, heck don't make me explain it at all, its extremely hard to xD

~Alice AKA the person you SHOULDN'T ask to show/explain to you how to art. .w.
Fight Like a Girl! - Contest Entry ~ Amy
Submission to… (Women of Avatar Contest)

Artist note:

I left out Yue because I feel like she only does one awesome thing in the whole series (though she continues to be cool it's not too amazing) and I left out June because she doesn't really show up that often even though she is pretty BA. I did put Korra in there but I decided I just didn't have the time to put all the female characters from Legend of Korra in there because there are A LOT. So don't think I don't like the female characters from LOK they're amazing :D
If you want me to draw the female characters from LOK in this style make sure to leave a comment. Thank you!
Expect a new painting soon! I'm just working on it 3 hours at a time LOL
Day and Night
Heyoooo, i did a watercolor painting irl and scanned it to my comp, its the first painting i did with my New art-kit i got for Christmas :D
Paint colors used:
Cobalt blue
Lamp Black
Dark Yellow

I paint like a Six year old ik xD

Requests be open suckerz, lol.
could be almost anything, still working on getting a people style, it might turn out to be more cartoon-esk rather than anime like some might expect :P
still working on Jessie from Poke-rocket xD
Miraculous Ladybug ~ Amy
Requested by PenJen and Alice
I'm not the biggest fan of ML but I think it's a good show and the animation is definitely something to commend! It's very exciting to see how far animation and digital art is going as technology advances!
Feel free to leave requests if you have an idea that you want me to draw!
Team Rocket - James ~ Amy
Getting a bit back in to Pokemon with Alice and I just had to draw James! One of my favorite episodes of Pokemon is Holy Matrimony. James is so adorable and you feel so sorry for him. Ya just want to give that cocky little goofball a hug!* Hope I did him justice!
*Jesse's form of a hug:  Double slap attack 

(Also I was practicing perspective in this piece, tell me if you like it or if it looks awkward :D)
Current status: AVAILABLE

PRICE: 500 Points 
(I'm doing points for now since I don't have any way to transfer real money)
Leave a comment or send a note along with a payment a 500 Points donation and you'll own her!
Hey everyone, I decided to do another adoptable.
Since I'm not very popular for these I won't do an auction I'll just be doing a first one to pay for her gets her.

Mini Backstory (You can change this): Koki is a Zebra and Pony hybrid. Her cutiemark represents her bridge between the two races.
If you'd like me to design Koki's parents feel free to commission me!
Hold Tight ~ Amy
This drawing was really a stream of consciousness more than something well thought out. Usually when I paint things stuff just pops in to my head. This painting has a lot of layers in my crazy little brain. I'd love to see what you get from this in the comments. That'd be awesome.

Super fun to do <3
Mercy Tea
okk so as you might see on her YT already, i had drawn this for Mercy a while ago, and i got paid in chocolate xD
it was very delicious chocolate...
Aaaand so, if you go to Mercys youtube channel you'll probably see this there xD



AliceandAmy's Profile Picture
Alice Amy
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi all! How are you guys doing today? (Imma call u tater tots :D Hope you don't mind...tater totz >:D)
Just some info about this page, WE'RE TWO PEOPLE, not one person! I'm Alice and Amy is a completely different person than me (with a WAY better art-style I might add) for example, I did the little spitting GIF and she did the Pony adoption, we will sign our art with a ~ and then our designated name I will do so after this message.
But other than that we are very happy to draw for you all! If you can tell us how to improve, go for it! Just so long as you don't get to strong with your words, and don't do baby talk either :I
So, I hope you have a great time at our Deviant art! Best regards, great art from all of you!

We have an Email! so if you need to contact us by Email and if you don't have a DA account, you can contact us there if you wan't to do a art trade (if your on another site like, (were on their to now :3) tumblr) or if you have a request!
you can contact us at:
we also have a tumblr! (ATM im still getting used to tumblr mechanics, so don't mind if i screw up lol)

(Amy if you could put a note here to that would be nice :3)

Motivation...NO IDEAS by AssClownFish :thumb198058086: Sleepy head by prosaix

Thanks again for visiting!
Hello, my name's Amy, Alice has pretty much already said what's needed to be said so uh let me just fill you in on what I'm doing and maybe answer some questions that someone might want to know about me.

Update 2017:


What do you use to draw?:
Keyboard/Mouse/Drawing Tablet (Mostly Tablet)

How long have you been drawing digitally?:
3-4 years

How long have you been drawing traditionally?:
Since I was like, two? But everyone draws at that age. I'm getting more education in traditional art recently.

What's your favorite thing to draw?:
People right now! Though I'm kind of getting in to scenery :D

Is your real name Amy?:
Nope and I'm not going to tell you what it is

Are you taking commissions/requests?:

What's your favorite picture of yours?:…


Favorite current song:…

Favorite bands:

Imagine Dragons
Owl City
Mystery Skulls

Favorite Youtubers:

Yogscast Lewis and Simon
Matthias related channels (There are so many!)

Do you have a favorite piece from Alice:

Will you love me forever?:
Yes, smoochie <3

Well that's all from me, BYE

Q&A Alice:

What do you use to draw?
Wacom Bamboo

What is your favorite thing to draw?
Ponys, kind of obvious, but i will try to get into drawing more than that ;)

Is Alice your real name?
No, but you can think it is if you wan't :)

Do you do art trades?
Depends upon what you wan't me to draw, if its humans, it will take 'lot longer than pony drawings or small animals, and please understand that humans are very hard to draw for me since i have very little experience drawing them, a headshot will be doable, but it will still take a bit to do since im very picky with my facial expressions.
So basically, Ask me first before we do a art trade.

Do you plan on doing a big project any time soon?
i might make a animation or two, but not as often as Amy :)

is there something keeping you from making art right now?
NOPE! im completely fine with doing requests at the moment! (or commissions :I ye know...if ya wanna :I)

Do you take requests?
i suppose, if i have time, but if you have them Amy WILL take them, trust me, shes wan'ted them since we started this Deviantart!

What is your favorite drawing of yours?
i don't have a favorite, im really not that good anyway xD (AMY IS WAY BETTER) but if you made me pick, it would probably be Moon Dust :)

What is your favorite song?
tbh it would probably be either, "The Apology Song" or "I Love You Too Much" from the Book of Life movie :D

Do you plan on making a youtube channel?
It depends on what Amy thinks, i might ask her if we can :3

Will you do speedpaints?
Maybe :D

Do you have a favorite drawing of Amys?
YES! though, it might be two favorites :3
On the Hunt or What a Nightmare :D

Ok thats all :)
~Alice's Q&A :)


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